It is often useful to have objects of the same class stored within different namespaces, for example when running an application that serves different clients and you don’t want them to be in the same place.

For this case Coralillo has a Model subclass called BoundedModel that lets you specify a prefix for your models:

from coralillo import Engine, BoundedModel, fields

eng = Engine()

current_namespace = 'coral'

class User(BoundedModel):
    name = fields.Text()

    def prefix(cls):
        # here you may have your own way of determining the __bound__
        # depending on the context. We will just return a variable's
        # value
        return current_namespace

    class Meta:
        engine = eng

# models are saved in the namespace given by the context
juan = User(name='Juan').save()
assert eng.redis.exists('coral:user:members')

# changing the context changes how models are found
current_namespace = 'nauyaca'
assert User.get( is None

pepe = User(name='Pepe').save()
assert eng.redis.exists('nauyaca:user:members')